SCOPEX® 900 - LED Grow Light

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SCOPEX® 900 

The SCOPEX series of horticultural LED grow lights is the new must-have light for the serious grower. Combining outstanding efficiency, intensity and spread into one incredible plug-and-play array, the SCOPEX horticultural LED light has all the latest and greatest features to give you both the power and control you need to get the absolute best results out of your space. SCOPEX 900 systems are splash proof, have on-board dimming, RJ12/14 ports for controllers, are plug and play and fully CE certified. We recommend the SCOPEX® 900 for a 1.5m x 1.5m + Area.



Featuring a dimmer knob with 4 settings as standard, (360w-540w-720w-900w) you'll be able to select the right intensity for the variable needs of your plants. Also, with the SCOPEX Zone Controller (SOLD SEPARATELY), you'll be able to take this control to the next level. All SCOPEX systems have twin RJ12/14 connectors for easy connection to 0-10V led controllers. Our SCOPEX controller (SOLD SEPARATELY) features 2 zones with the ability to control 200 lights in total. Also connect via Bluetooth to your smart phone.



The SCOPEX protective conformal coating provides a superior level of protection for the diodes and allows for much easier maintenance over the years, without any significant photon loss. The high quality conformal coating used complies with all CE standards and allows our product to be used in humid environments. This is one of the reasons why we're able to offer such a long, 5 year warranty with all our scope products.


The SCOPEX 900 system features highly efficient, full spectrum mid-power white LEDs. We also enhance the spectrum further with 660nm Osram deep red LEDs. This can help drive photosynthesis and aid flower production. By using such a high diode count we can achieve a system efficacy of 2.4μmol/j. 


Our well balanced spectrum is designed to be suitable for a wide range of crops; from day one, all the way to harvest. With the SCOPEX systems you don't need multiple lights or spectrums, allowing for a lower upfront cost and higher return on investment. 


  1. SCOPEX 900 LED Lighting System
  2. 1x 3M UK Power Cable
  3. 4x Metal Geared Adjustable Hangers
  4. 1x RJ Cable
  5. 1x Instruction Manual

Our Warranty

This product comes with a 5 year replacement Warranty from the date of purchase. Rest assured that if your product does develop a fault during this period, it will be replaced at our expense (from UK stock) ASAP. If a replacement isn't available, a full refund will be offered.


System PPF Output: 2120 μmol/s
Power Draw: 900w MAX (+/-5%)
System Efficacy: 2.4 μmol/j (
Waterproofing; IP65 light bars
Size: 112cm x 107cm x 6cm 
Weight: 14KG 
LED Count: 3328
Area Coverage: Veg 2m x 2m - Flower 1.5m x 1.5m 
Warranty: 5 Year Full warranty from UK stock
Certifications: ROHS - CE - ETL
BTUs: 3069

SCOPEX® 900 - LED Grow Light