LED Dimmer + Daisy Chain (0-10V)

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LED Dimmer Box (0-10V)

Some basic assembly/connecting required.

Dimmer box with integrated 0-10V potentiometer switches and RJ ports. Designed to linearly dim and turn on/off LED grow lights. This dimmer box also features a daisy chaining function, allowing up to 50 lights to be dimmed in unison from a single box (each light requires 1 x dimming box). Ideal for DIY projects or as a replacement dimmer. Supplied with 2 x two-way WAGOs for easy connection, compatible with 0-10V drivers.

  • Fully linear dimmer
  • Aluminium housing with flanged tabs for easy mounting
  • RJ ports for daisy chaining


Is my light compatible?

To find out if your LED grow light is compatible with this dimmer box, you'll need to establish whether your light's driver has a 0-10V output (third cable). The sticker on top of your driver will also state this (see photo). If you are unsure about your light/driver compatibility, please contact us.



What's in the box?

  • 0-10V Dimmer Box
  • 2 x WAGO connectors

    LED Dimmer + Daisy Chain (0-10V)