90cm x 90cm LED Grow Tent Bundle

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90cm x 90cm LED Grow Tent Setup


Save yourself some time (and money) with our LED Grow Tent bundles. All of our kits have been thoughtfully constructed to include appropriate extraction and lighting. A perfect choice for new growers looking for an effective and reliable combination of equipment to get them started off on the path to great results!

Many complete grow tent kits on the market are poorly thought out, with incompatible combinations (such as 4" extraction with 600W HPS) that will inevitably result in the grower getting poor results and subsequently replacing much of the equipment. While are kits don't come with everything you'll need (please read why below), you can have full confidence that all of the equipment provided is appropriately matched to support effective growth cycle-after-cycle. 



AC Infinity 90cm x 90cm Grow Tent - One of the highest quality tents available on the market right now; featuring 22mm steel poles and extra thick 2000D lining - not to mention a handy mounting plate for your Controller 67 AND a viewing window - you'll have a solid, insulated, light proof tent that will last you year after year.

6" AC Infinity extraction kit (with Controller 67) - A complete extraction kit, featuring: Cloudline S6, Controller 67, Carbon Filter, Ducting and the highest quality fast clamp on the market.

2 x 6" Clip-on Circulation Fans - Essential for ensuring even temperatures within the tent and air movement throughout the canopy; assisting leaf transpiration and reducing the chance of mould/mildew developing.

AC Infinity Pruning Shears - Trimming scissors for topping, training and harvesting.

Your choice of LED Grow Light: Lumatek ATS 300 Pro, Hacienda QB320 or 2 x The Jungle Jackson 150W -  More information on each grow light (including PAR maps) can be found on their respective listings. All LED options are appropriately matched, fully dimmable and come with a fantastic warranty. After all, that's our specialty!

What's in the box?

- AC Infinity 90cm x 90cm Grow Tent

- 6" AC Infinity Extraction kit with Controller 67

- 2 x Pro-Elec 6" Clip on circulation fan

- AC Infinity Pruning Shears

- Brennenstuhl 24hr Plug in Timer

- Choice of LED Grow Light (Lumatek ATS Pro 300, Hacienda QB320 or 2 x The Jungle Jackson 150W)

- Hanging/mounting equipment

- Detailed Assembly Instructions


What's not included? 

- Heat source - Due to risks and complications with shipping these products, we don't provide a heat source with this bundle. We recommend purchasing a small oil radiator from a local store, (preferably with a thermostat) to assist with temperatures in colder months and during 'lights off' periods.

- Pots, Mediums and Nutrients. Due to the vast choice of growing methods available (and risks with shipping due to leaks/breakages) we're not currently offering these as part of our kits. We recommend first-time growers use a well fertilised soil bought from a local store and hand-water their plants, to reduce the margin for error.


Aftersales support

Should you have any questions about our kits or need any aftersales support, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice and assistance. We're rated 5 star on Trustpilot for a reason!

90cm x 90cm LED Grow Tent Bundle