The SCOPEX® 900 LED Grow Light

by Craig P

Why we think the SCOPEX is the best LED grow light investment you can make in 2021


The SCOPEX 900 is an incredibly powerful and versatile LED grow light. Able to fully saturate 1.2m / 4ft canopies at lower power settings while also being more than able to meet the photon demand of 1.5m / 5ft footprints - those looking for a high-quality, large strip light that can deal with both current and future lighting demands should look no further.


To understand the output and usability potential of the SCOPEX-900, we have to look beyond its maximum power setting. Sporting over 3,200 LEDs spread over 8 bars, with a 5 year warranty and an RRP of just £900, it’s a genuinely fantastic option for those looking for long-term, maximum-effective coverage in a 1.2m or 1.5m area. We truly believe that no other light under £900 offers what the SCOPEX-900 does. If I can go into a bit more detail about the output options….


Below are some PAR maps we’ve conducted under various relevant power settings and footprints, so you can see just how effective this light could be for you, as grow-space and experience develops.


At just 530 - 540 watts in a 1.2m / 4ft area, when measured at 12 inches away, our SCOPEX-900 provides excellently uniform coverage through its 8 bars, really maximising the available photons from the power being consumed.



At just 720w, at 18” we can get some great light levels for flowering in a 1.5m / 5ft area, or experienced/professional growers can crank it up to 900w and fully saturate the canopy.




By using this light below the maximum 900 watt power setting, you’ll benefit from even more efficiency and longevity (due to running the LEDs at a much lower drive current). Additionally, the lower heat (BTU) output associated with running at lower wattages will also help to reduce total room temperature, further increasing the lifespan of the fixture.

For growers seeking absolute maximum light levels in their area (such as 1.5m / 5ft with CO2, 1.7m / 5.5ft areas, large rooms with multiple fixtures etc), the SCOPEX 900 will be more than capable of providing the desired light levels.



Regardless of how you choose to utilise your SCOPEX 900, you’ll be backed up by a 5 year warranty from a trusted, reputable company, for total peace of mind.

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