The full SCOPEX® range is now available to pre-order!

by Craig P


Looking for a high quality, Full spectrum LED fixture? SCOPEX® has got your back. Complete with a 5 year warranty, from a trusted UK company, and at just £1-per-watt! Why would you go anywhere else?


Make sure you don't miss out and pre-order yours now!

In keeping with our hard-earned reputation for providing you guys with the highest performance lights at the best price - without any compromises on quality or safety - we bring to you with much excitement, SCOPEX®!

No matter how you want to take things to the next level - whether you're looking for a veg light, to fill that dark side in your room, or a complete light replacement - the SCOPEX® range has got you covered.

SCOPEX® 100 - Perfect to fill that dark side of the room that's been bugging you or to veg those long, narrow spaces.

SCOPEX® 250 - The baby of our range, but don't be fooled for one second. Exceptional for vegging up to 1m x 1m spaces, or an absolutely killer option for 80cm x 80cm flowering spaces. Those used to 250W HPS will be blown away by the performance of this fixture.

SCOPEX® 350 - A stunning little powerhouse of a light. Capable of providing impressive photon levels in a 90cm x 90cm footprint, this light is also a fantastic option for new growers with 1m x 1m areas, and can quite capably veg up to 1.2m. Consumes around the same power as 315W CMH at the wall but with a much improved photon output.

SCOPEX® 680 - The perfect light for maximum output in a 1.2m x 1.2m area. Rivals 1000W HPS light output (but with much reduced power consumption and heat generation) and only consuming around the same power as 600W HPS at the wall. At only £1 per watt, it simply blows others out of the water when it comes to performance-for-money.

SCOPEX® 900 - The daddy of the SCOPEX® range. Those with 1.5m areas really shouldn't look any further. Easily outperforms 1000W DE HPS and can be used to effectively veg very large spaces.

A higher efficiency 680 Pro model will also be available mid-summer.


Written by Craig P.