Taking a look at the New Telos Pro Slimline

by Craig P

Telos 6 and 10 Slimline Pro LED - A new high in UK Manufacturing


Telos have once again, with their Telos Pro Slim range of full spectrum LED grow lights, got our mouths watering with their exceptional workmanship and quality.



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Slimmer and Sleeker

Now slimmer, lighter and sleeker. The new and improved Telos 6 and Telos 10 LED fixtures posses some fantastic and completely unique selling points that set them apart from other brands currently on the market. Offering a level of multi-fixture light uniformity, build-quality and longevity that other manufacturers can only dream of; for many growers, these small-form-factor lights may well be best solution for their area.

Let’s take a closer look at these fixtures, so you can see for yourself why we really do rate them so highly.


In a quality league-of-their-own

Implementing the absolute highest quality control standards of any fixtures out there on the market, there’s good reason why the Telos Pro series have yet to experience a single user-end failure. From the moment you open the box, it’s quite apparent that only high-quality materials are used.

The heatsinks are made from UK metal, extruded and machined locally; while the PCB’s use Osram diodes and are manufactured by a high-tech facility in the Czech Republic. These are then mounted via a special thermal interface material which (when high quality and precision is used, as we see here) provides superior PCB contact and possesses greater longevity than the more common thermal paste.

On top of that, not only have both Telos Pro series models been independently tested by the Lighting Industry Association but each fixture is assembled in the UK by qualified electro-mechanical engineers and rigorously tested for safety and efficacy before leaving the facility.



Unbeknownst to many, these new slim fixtures are fully dimmable. You will need to remove the driver from the fixture, so we would only ever advise you do this as a last resort and long term solution. Because these lights are at their most effective when utilised as multiple fixtures, you’re always better off raising the light higher or removing a proportion of fixtures before you consider dimming as an option. While we advise this with all LED grow lights, this is especially relevant for the Telos fixtures.


As previously mentioned, the outstanding level of engineering and quality control means that Telos customers are yet to experience a single failure with their Telos Pros. By appreciating and understanding the potential weaknesses of LED lighting fixtures in harsh environments over extended periods of time (thermal pads, full waterproofing, solid metal etc) and combining this with an unbeatable quality control process for each individual unit before it leaves the factory, Telos have demonstrated a fantastic level of foresight and a serious long-term commitment to the grower.



The modular design of the Telos Pro series provides a fantastic level of serviceability and upgradability. Not only do Telos offer offer upgrade kits - so you’ll be able retain the exceptional quality fixture that you’ve invested in by just upgrading what’s necessary - but Telos also have an Exchange Programme, so you can trade in an older Telos system against a new one.





Power and Uniformity

Another unique feature of this light is its specially designed, wide-angle optical lens. This focuses the light better down on to the canopy in a way that more than compensates for any photon loss through the material, while adding an extra element of protection for the LEDs.
It’s down to this small form-factor, specialised lenses and narrower 86 degree beam-angle that Telos lights really come into their own when multiple units are used in large spaces. When appropriately placed, not only do multiple units offer superior photon uniformity over strip configurations in these applications (Telos have been kind enough to provide a simulated example of this), but you’ll have much more room for other equipment to manoeuvre than you would with large strip arrays.

 4 x 660W = 2640W @ (2.7µmol/j)

9 x 285W = 2565W @ (2.5µmol/j)




As well as being able to provide fantastic spread when spaced in such a way, should you want to concentrate these lights closer together, the small size means that you’ll never be limited by available overhead output. We’ve done some of our own PAR mapping of the Telos 10 Pro over various smaller footprints to give you an idea of just how incredibly powerful these units are when used at small scales.

Single 285W unit - 0.6 x 1.2m, 25 inches:


2 units (570w total) 1.2 x 1.2m, 25 inches:

 As you can see, even when hung at 25 inches and at only 570 watts combined at the wall, these fixtures are incredibly intense. Standard practice would be to space these lights out thinner than we have in this PAR map; we’re simply doing this to demonstrate the impressive output that can be achieved. Regardless of how you choose to configure your Telos, you’ll never have to limit yourself to the photons throw down on the canopy. Just bear in mind that you - the user - are the main factor in the success of any grow and that uniformity should be prioritised alongside intensity.


To conclude

Because these Telos are engineered in the UK to the highest standards, fully upgradable and designed to last, those thinking long term will be hard pressed to find this level of performance and value over time. Back that up with a 5 year unlimited warranty and you can make no mistake that Telos are very much here to stay.

Adam’s thoughts:

“The Telos lighting systems are by far, my favourite LED light out of everything we sell (without including our own brands). Since the launch of the Telos lighting systems, I have regarded them as the quality gold-standard for all products - including our own products. We’re always aiming to match the same extremely high standard of engineering and craftsmanship seen in the Telos LEDs, and when testing the Telos lighting systems I was astonished at how powerful these small form factor LEDs are. As you can see from the PAR maps, you really don’t need a lot of power to fully saturate your canopy with photons, the Telos LEDs truly are a workhorse of an LED and will far outlast most other Grow lights.




Designed and manufactured within the UK… By purchasing a Telos fixture not only will you be future-proofing with the highest quality LED lighting fixture available, but you’ll also be supporting the UK manufacturing industry.


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