PAR+ Ultra - The Ultimate Lighting Machine!

by Craig P

After much excitement and anticipation, our third generation LED grow light is about to touch down! Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by expert lighting technicians from the ground up, the PAR+ Ultra LED grow light boasts unrivalled functionality, flexibility and efficiency.




At PARPLUSLED our guys have been designing and building high quality, full spectrum LED grow lights since 2017 and we were the first in the UK to develop a horticultural LED strip light. Over the last 5 years we've built upon this success, providing exceptionally high quality LED lights to thousands of happy UK growers time after time. We've now reach the third generation of PAR+ and have spent the last 2 years designing and building what we believe is The Ultimate Lighting Machine: The PAR+ Ultra!


Made In Britain

We're one of only a select few LED lighting brands who have received the 'Made In Britain' mark - an independent accreditation of provenance that can only be achieved by passing rigorous criteria. We're extremely proud to have achieved this, and by supporting us you'll be supporting the UK manufacturing industry; not just ourselves, but also the UK companies that we get many of our parts from. MIB Membership Number: 3347.

Our lights go through a multi-stage quality control process throughout manufacture, drastically reducing the chance of failure and ensuring that meticulous attention to detail is paid to each fixture during its build.


Ultra Controllability

Working in partnership with Telos, we're excited to be the first third party LED grow light manufacturer to power our Ultra LEDs with the innovative Mesh system.

When used with the Telos mobile app, you'll have complete and secure control over your Ultra LED fixtures from your fingertips; no expensive controllers, no masses of wiring - just simple and effective control. With the Telos app and Mesh driver system, you can dim either by selecting a percentage of total power or by choosing Precise PPF™ output, as well as creating custom lighting schedules, sunrise/sunset modes, independent groupings and 5-step manual touch overrides.


Ultra Growth

Each Light engine within the Ultra range features 320 of the highest bin 'full spectrum' Samsung LM301H LEDs with a mix of 3000K/4000K diodes, as well as 10 Samsung LM351H V2 660nm deep reds. Through years of testing and development, we've determined that this combination of mixed 'full spectrum' and deep red LEDs create the perfect spectral balance and will help provide the highest quality harvests.


Ultra Adaptability

Using the thumbscrews provided, growers can reposition each PCB along the length of the frame to achieve optimal spread over almost any desired footprint.

With a standard frame size of 100cm (as well as the option to create custom frame lengths) the Ultra 320 can provide an exceptionally even distribution of photons over a variety of footprints, helping growers to achieve perfectly uniform canopies, balanced flower production and excellent harvests.

Our Ultra range offers 4 choices as standard from 2 base models: The LE and SE.

The PAR+ 320 Ultra LE comprises of 3 x PCBs and has an efficiency of 2.9umol/J. Below is a PAR map taken in 0.6m x 1.2m area.

The PAR+ 320 Ultra SE has 4 x PCBs shared over the same driver as the LE (increasing efficiency) and comes in at a whopping 3.1umol/J. Below is a PAR map taken in 0.6m x 1.2m area.

The PAR+ 640 Ultra LE and SE simply comprise of 2 x 320 Ultras. It's possible to run any 640 version from a single plug socket, using the H connectors (sold separately). Combining 2 x 320 fixtures in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent will achieve a spread like this:

Owing to the fact that these lights are designed and manufactured by us in-house to be fully modular, not only is it possible to upgrade from an LE to an SE down the line by purchasing a single additional strip, but the sky is the limit when it comes to frame length options and PCB configurations. Just contact us and we'll be happy to accommodate your needs.


Ultra Peace-Of-Mind

Did you know: Over the entire history of the PAR+, we've never had a single light engine fail?! We're so confident in the construction and component quality of our PAR+ Ultra that we're backing it with a 5 year warranty and lifetime service guarantee.

This means that for the first 5 years of your PAR+LED's life, you'll be completely covered against all fixture failures. We'll cover postage, parts and labour and aim to return your light quickly with minimum down-time incurred on your part.


Want to get your hands on one? We're now taking a limited number of pre-orders here: