Introducing the Telos Mesh system

by Craig P

In collaboration with TELOS, we’re proud to be the first third party LED grow light manufacturer to incorporate the revolutionary Mesh driver system. By taking advantage of the features found in Mesh, growers can really take things to the next level - providing accurate data to inform and develop the grower, alongside precise and convenient control to help achieve consistency at any scale.


What is the Mesh?

The Telos Mesh is the world's first bluetooth integrated driver. The system provides the user with an unparalleled level of control over their grow light straight out of the box, without needing to buy expensive controllers or use unreliable mechanical timers. Users can dim their grow light by selecting for precise PPF or as a percentage of total power while viewing exact wattage and efficiency information in real-time, as well as being able to create exact lighting schedules by selecting hours/minutes - with the extra option to select sunrise/sunset mode which provides a gradual increase/decrease in light intensity to simulate natural daylight phases. In addition to these settings, hundreds of fixtures can be connected and grouped together; all within a single, securely-encrypted phone app! The Telos Mesh app is available on both IOS and Android devices.


How do I set it up?

The installation process really is very simple. Once you've downloaded the app via Google Play or Apple App Store, it's just a case of following a few easy steps.

1. Open the app and select 'Create network'.

2. On the Mesh driver, cycle through to Bluetooth mode by pressing the touch sensor repeatedly until the LED turns blue. After a few seconds, the blue light will change from a solid light to a flashing one as it enters pairing mode.

3. On the app, select 'Scan for lights'. This will then detect and display the fixture.




4. Select the fixture and you're good to go!


Note: All PAR+ Ultras will come with a comprehensive guide with detailed instructions and images.


The Dimming

Once your PAR+ Ultra is connected to the Mesh app, you'll be able to adjust the brightness from your smartphone in two ways - using the slider or by inputting the desired PPF in the box. Each intensity adjustment will display the PPF, wattage, efficacy and power % as it changes, meaning that you'll get accurate and reliable information which can then be used as a reference - informing current and future grows.




Can I dim my light without the app?

If you're unable to, or don't want to use the app, you can quickly and easily dim each fixture manually in 25% power increments, simply by pressing the touch button on the driver. Each power setting has an associated colour that will be visible on the touch sensor as you cycle through. 


Applying a schedule

In place of using a plug timer, the Telos Mesh app allows you to set custom lighting schedules, with the option to apply an additional sunrise and sunset mode. To set a schedule, select 'Apply Schedule', followed by 'Add New Schedule'. You can then set an ON and OFF time, choose whether you want to simulate sunrise and sunset, and give it a custom label.



Can I apply these settings to more than one light?

Once you've connected your lights, you'll be able to group lights together into separate 'Grow Rooms' *COMING SOON*. All lights within a single group will be synchronised together, meaning that any timing schedules or intensity settings you choose will apply to all; a fantastic, hassle-free feature for those utilising multiple lights on separate cycles.

As the system is decentralised and functions independently of a wifi connection, each light has its own microprocessor and operating system. Because each light connects directly to another, there's not really an upper limit to how many you can connect to a single network. Commercial facilities using thousands of lights will need to go through an extra step, but the vast majority of growers will be able to connect as many lights as they want - provided each light is within 50m of another.


Is it just for grow lights?

Mesh compatibility is expanding at a lightning pace we can expect to see this technology eventually adopted across the industry as a whole. Telos are in the final stages of development for a Mesh dongle that can connect to RJ and M12 ports - the types seen on most modern LED grow lights and EC fans. While this technology is still relatively young, it won't be too long before growers can use the Mesh to monitor and control pretty much the entirety of their grow room environment, all from their phone.


Is it secure?

The Mesh system utilises end to end encryption and bluetooth functionality so can only be initiated by physically interacting with the touch sensor on the fixture. When connecting a light to the app, you'll get a 30 second window in which the light is actively 'advertising' before then switching to 'listening' mode, from which point onwards it's completely hidden from any device which doesn't posses the correct encryption key (including bluetooth sniffers/listening devices) until the next adjustment from the app is made. If you want to completely lock down the light from all advertising at all times, you'll be able to do that using the Network Lock function on screen. This adds an extra layer of security by ensuring that your light will under no circumstances emit any sort of bluetooth signal until physically unlocked by the touch sensor.

Encryption keys and Mesh settings can also be backed up via the cloud service, useful for when multiple devices need access. *COMING SOON*


How to get your hands on the Mesh

As anyone who's ever purchased a Telos product will know, longevity and upgradability is at the very core of their design ethos. Early adopters of the Mesh can be safe in the knowledge that they'll be able to utilise this technology for many years to come, while still being ahead of the curve as the features and applications of this revolutionary technology evolve and expand. If you want to be among the first to benefit from this amazing technology, you can purchase a Mesh powered grow light in these models:

Telos 6 Pro Mesh

Telos 10 Pro Mesh