How are we different to other sellers out there?

by Craig P

Now that LED horticulture moves from obscurity to widespread acceptance, it's inevitable that many companies in the industry who were initially sceptical or even dismissive of LEDs are now responding enthusiastically with their own products and performance claims.

This creates both an opportunity and a dilemma for the average grower; because of the large investment cost with LEDs, knowing which product is best for your specific area, ability, effort and desired outcome can be a confusing and risky experience. 

This is where we - at - are uniquely placed to help you. With many years collective experience in LED, manufacturing, selling and horticulture; our team have built a solid reputation with many satisfied customers.


Forming from a first-hand need for a quality LED grow light that would outperform traditional HID lamp, the DIYLED project was created back in 2018 by Adam. Due to the overwhelming response and huge popularity generated by the project, DIYLEDUK Ltd was officially formed in April 2019 and - in keeping with the original ethos - grew from strength to strength. Now we're in the era of plug and play, we're able to use our unique knowledge and experience of horticultural LEDs to build a selection of the best grow lights for you, at the very best prices.


Quality Promise

We don't just sell anything; each light we sell is scrutinised for performance, quality and over-all safety against the many other LED grow lights out there. Many fixtures have not made the grade and been left by the wayside in this process. Being a UK company from small and humble beginnings, positive customer experience and reputation has been - and will always be - our lifeblood. We're proud of the continued, successful harvests that our associated products are providing for our customers, and we hope to make one more in you as you embark on your growing journey.