Grow The Jungle - More Light For Less

by Craig P

Grow The Jungle

We now stock an even wider selection of lower-wattage lights to cater to the grower; from 5000K Veg boards to UV and Infrared supplemental strips.

Manufactured in Spain, we're excited to be introducing The Jungle's new extensive range of uniquely designed LED grow lights. Effective, budget-friendly and stylish; Grow The Jungle LEDs are a great option for both medical and hobby growers alike.

You can check out the full range here


The Jackson

We all know that LED lighting is a significant investment for the grower and many growers find themselves priced out by the outlay required to fully light up their spaces. The Jungle are helping to make this more accessible than ever before by bringing affordable, high quality PCBs to the European Market - and now the UK.

The Jackson 100w LITE, Jackson 150w and 250w (all dimmable) are proving themselves to be great value-for-money flowering lights and an increasingly popular choice for growers looking for LED performance on a budget. The lower price and small form-factor from this product range makes it the perfect choice for the newer or transitioning LED grower.

The Jackson 250w

The Jackson 250w is designed to cover up to 60cm x 120cm and 80cm x 80cm flowering areas. As you can see, hanging between 14 and 18 inches will give suitable intensity and spread for achieving great flowering results. 


The Smith

With flowering understandably being the main priority for growers and manufacturers, a dedicated veg light in an optimal spectrum is hard to come by. The Smith is a 150W, dimmable 5000K veg light, suitable for almost any shape and size grow space out there. This spectrum is, however, also suitable for flowering and can be used to help reduce the internodal spacing of some cultivars. For a more in-depth look at photosynthetic morphology and how it relates to various spectra, check out the video by Bruce Bugbee of Apogee Instruments below.


UV and IR

The Jungle are among the first manufacturers to provide dedicated high-quality UV and IR supplemental fixtures. If you're interested in exploring the potential benefits of UV and IR supplementation to flowering cycles, these boards are a great place to start. The Fire Ant is capable of producing photons in 660 and 730nm wavelengths, while The Mantis outputs UVA at 365nm and 405nm.



Bruce Bugbee has again put together some very informative videos on the effects of Far-red and UV - well worth checking out.




Are These Boards DIY or Plug & Play?

Purchase a Grow The Jungle LED grow light from us and it'll come plug and play, with a moulded UK plug attached with waterproof connector with 2.5m of cable. The Driver is also mounted (raised) on the back of the board. Of course, if you want to wire your own just how you want it, just contact us and let us know.


Are These Covered by Warranty?

All Grow The Jungle LEDs come with a 2 year replacement Warranty from the date of purchase. Rest assured that if your product does develop a fault during this period, it will be replaced at our expense (from UK stock) ASAP. If a replacement isn't available, a full refund will be offered.