AC Infinity Cloudline: An Introduction

by Craig P

AC Infinity Cloudline EC extraction fans - UK stock


AC Infinity have recently taken the global market by storm with the exceptional value for money and high functionality offered by their range of extraction fans. EC (electronically commutated) fans are far superior to older AC technology in terms of noise, efficiency and reliability and are quickly replacing them across the market to become the number one choice of fan technology for those who can afford it.

With the arrival of the Controller 67 alongside the great prices that we're now able to offer on AC Infinity products, this technology is now within reach of everyone. 

Who are AC Infinity?

A California based US company specialising in high-quality extraction and ventilation solutions, we'll share some of their own words about themselves...

"AC Infinity Inc. is a technology company focused on environmental controls. Our team's primary vision is to design truly innovative systems for audio-video, HVAC, and agricultural applications. It began when a team of acoustic engineers was working on a studio renovation project. Their equipment had overheated due to a lack of ventilation, but existing fan products on the market were just too noisy for a studio environment. With no other option, they took matters into their own hands. By studying the sounds and vibrations caused by air movement, and combining their expertise in mitigating the noise levels of recording studios, the team was able to come up with a fan system that was both silent and effective. While they then carried on with the rest of their tasks at hand, they never forgot the thrill they experienced in creating that solution. Two years later, they decided to go all-in, and founded AC Infinity as a way of selling that product- the AIRPLATE cabinet fan system. This was met with enormous success and, to this day, they continue to create and release innovative new products that provide practical solutions."


What are AC Infinity Cloudline fans?

AC Infinity Cloudline fans are a series of high-quality, lightweight and robust EC extraction fans developed by AC Infinity specifically for inline ducting applications. By combining an effective use of materials with the most appropriate end-user features (especially when including the Controller 67), it's no wonder that they carry significant momentum and are increasingly becoming a top choice for those looking for maximum bang-for-buck from their extraction. Some more words from AC Infinity:

"The duct fan system is designed to quietly cool AV equipment rooms and closets, and to ventilate various air circulation and exhaust projects. Features an inline speed controller utilizing PWM-technology. Containing an inline mixed-flow design, the duct fan can maintain airflow even in high static pressure applications. Contains an EC-motor for a quiet and energy efficient performance. The motor box containing the fan’s impeller and blades can be detached from the mounted frame for easy cleaning and maintenance. Includes one duct fan unit, one inline speed controller, installation manual, and all necessary mounting hardware."


Controller 67

With the arrival of the Controller 67, AC Infinity users can now take more control of their extraction fans than ever before. Loaded with smart features such as: minimum fan speed settings, cycle/timer scheduling, humidity control, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to connect a second AC Infinity fan; there's a ton of simple-yet-effective features for ensuring that the grower has full control and adaptability to achieve optimum airflow.


Which Controller should I get?

While all our AC Infinity Cloudline Extraction Fans come with a manual speed controller as standard (which are fantastic for stable climates such as indoor Veg/clone cabs), growers wanting full automatic adaptability to changing temperature/humidity levels will need to purchase the Controller 67. This is especially useful in high intensity and flowering applications.

For example, if there is a significant temperature fluctuation between lights on/off (due to using HPS for example), a manual speed controller would have to be set to a higher setting to cope with the heat from the lights, only to then stay on this setting once lights turn off, drawing power from heaters rather than ramping down to reach an appropriate equilibrium. If however you're using an efficient light at moderate levels and already possess a good thermostatically controller heater, then a manual speed controller will do the job fine.


Connecting two fans (Controller 67)

While most growers (especially LED) with an appropriately sized extractor and adequate passive vents will find a second extractor or an active intake to be surplus to requirements, growers wanting to connect two fans together should ensure that an appropriate pairing is made. 

Users wanting to control two extraction fans situated in separately pressurised grow areas will have the most freedom to choose whichever fans are most individually appropriate for their given space but should be aware that they will both be sharing a single probe. Should the grower want to situate two extraction fans within the same grow area, then we advise using the same size fans to ensure that they're both working equally effectively, under the same strain.

Growers wanting to utilise the Controller 67 for both active intake and extraction should ideally choose an intake fan that is at least one size (but no more than two sizes) smaller than their extraction fan. This ensures that negative pressure within the environment is maintained and that no air can escape without first being filtered.


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